APS Concierge Company Policies
Payment Policy - All services require payment upfront. A credit card authorization on file per clients agreement. Payments will be ran prior to services rendered. If payment is a cash agreement funds need to be given and paid in full up front before services rendered.
PayPal Invoice - APS can invoice to clients via PayPal.  Client can choose to use any credit card for payment VISA, MasterCard, Diners Club, Discover, Debit to pay for their services.  Invoices sent prior to service being rendered.  Client does not have to be a PayPal member to use PayPal payment. 
Retainers - Signed & agreed upon upfront
Contracts - Signed & agreed upon upfront
Agreements - Signed & Agreed upon upfront
On Call Services - Payments received up front.  On Call service offered with terms and pricing given to client. 
Credit Card Authorization -This form will be sent to all APS clients for authorizations and charges. Must be filled out and signed upfront. Can be kept on file per clients agreement.  All authorizations confidential.
Confirmations - Confirmation of customer request will be sent via email.
Changes/Updates - Sent via email changes/updates to client for confirmation.
Cancellation Policy - All services ordered in advance require full payment upfront unless otherwise agreed between APS & client. If client decide to cancel and orders have been already set up. No payment is returned due to service prepaid and presetup by APS. Services cannot be cancelled and refunded in the middle of a transaction. APS will not accept rerouting of payment in the middle of a transaction. Client can not reassign fund payments in the middle of a transaction. If services are paid upfront and there is a reasonable cancellation that did not require a prepayment to a vendor but not yet paid by APS then a percentage will be returned with advance notice of 48 hours from the client/customer.
APS Concierge Company Standards

Refunds - If there is a cancellation refund it will be given within 72 hours. Three business days not including weekends.

Disputes - Handled and resolved as needed on a case by case basis. Outcome & resolutions to be handled as to the situation and circumstances.
Service - "Satisfaction Guaranteed"
Ethics - Provide exemplary concierge service to our clients.  Uphold and follow all laws and professional services offered by a concierge in the state of Nevada.  Anything considered immoral, unethical or illegal is not accepted by APS.  
Confidentiality - APS upholds and protects clients personal and confidential information.  Clients privacy is always maintained and respected.